Welcome to Trailerpark Festival Volunteers

Volunteering for Trailerpark Festival 2015, Jul 30 - Aug 1

The sign-up for shifts is now open and we still need volunteers!


  • A wristband to the entire festival (including I/O)

  • An opportunity to gain insight into the festival business

  • A chance to meet new people and create a good festival experience for the audience


  • For every shift you need to CHECK IN ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR SHIFT BEGINS
  • You will find The Volunteer Check-In Area in the courtyard opposite of the mainstage. 
  • If you have NOT received your wristband yet, you go to ticket sales the first time you arrive at the festival area and inform them that you're a volunteer. You will then receive your wristband. 
  • Remember warm clothes - the Danish summer is over us and the nights might get chilly. 
  • Please note that The Trailerpark Volunteer Team may need to move you to an area other than the one you have selected
  • IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE SEND THEM TO volunteers@trailerparkfestival.com

All the best,

Caroline, Emma & Gry

Head of Volunteers


How to sign up

  1. Simply find the Create New Account link in the bar to the left
  2. Fill in your information and submit
  3. Confirm your account when you get a confirmation mail (remember to check your spam filter, if you do not receive it)
If you already have an account from last year or the year before, you don't need to do anything.
You simply just have to choose the shifts you want in our system. Please be aware that you need a total of 6 point to receive you free wristband to the festival.
Early shift are worth 2 points, middle-shift 3 points and late shifts 4 point - meaning an early and a late shift will provide you with your wristband. Other combinations are possible as well - you simply just need a minimum of 6 points in total (more point are also very much allowed and appreciated :))

If you have other any questions - simply forward them to volunteers@trailerparkfestival.com



About Trailerpark Festival

Trailerpark Festival is a Copenhagen-based music and arts festival organized and produced by ArtRebels. By becoming a volunteer at Trailerpark Festival, you are a part of making the 8th Trailerpark Festival happen. At the same time you become a part of a movement of people who share a passion for art and music. Volunteering also gives you insight into what it takes to produce a festival as well as getting the opportunity to create a great network of new friends and future collaborators.

The volunteers at Trailerpark Festival are each given an all-days wristband and when working you are a part of a team of like-minded people. Each volunteer works two shifts of four hours each.

Trailerpark Festival 2014 will consist of more than 30 concerts and many DJs over the 3 days. For six years in a row the work of the volunteers have been invaluable to us. Without the volunteers there wouldn’t be a Trailerpark Festival.

We look forward to working with you and we’re sincerely grateful for your support.

Check the video below to get an impression of the Trailerpark vibe, and of how much volunteers mean to us.